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Blacstar Halo | Playground Music Finland

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  • Blackstar Halo will launch a crowd-funding campaign to support upcoming "Siren" -album release. The campaign will start at Friday 28th June at Indiegogo. Now we really need you to get proper album mixing. There will be a variety of perks available for the pledgers, including signed albums, one-off equipment used in studio for album recordings and unique Blackstar Halo -labeled disc golf -discs. Every single Euro will go to the album mixing and production, so that our music gets the quality you guys deserve! So pledge, share this campaign and help us to make "Siren" an album that breaks out loud!
Blackstar Halo?

Blackstar Halo is a band from the holy ground of metal music Tampere, Finland! We play melodic metal music with our own twist. We combine the best melodies to a punchy wall of guitars and machine synth grooves. We want you to be blown away when you listen to our music - our motto could be the wise words of Adam Savage: "If its worth doing, it's worth overdoing". We love our music but are not so serious about ourselves. We always have a blast when doing anything with the band and we want to invite you to share the groove!